Intrinsically Safe Transmitters Inor IPAQ-H

Intrinsically Safe Transmitters
Universal, intelligent, 2-wire in-head transmitters.
  • Mounts inside connection head of temperature sensor/DIN B head
  • Programmable with menu driven/Windows compatible IPRO software
  • One type for all ranges simplifies process design and reduces inventory
  • Calibrating signal calibrates instrumentation loop
IPAQ-H Intrinsically Safe Transmitters are universal and intelligent two-wire in-head transmitters for temperature and other measurement applications; the IPAQ-HX is the Intrinsically Safe version for use in Ex-applications. The combination of competitive pricing, functionality, and simple configuration has made IPAQ-H and IPAQ-HX leading in-head transmitters for industrial temperature measurements.

IPAQ-H/IPAQ-HX Intrinsically Safe Transmitters are designed for applications with standard industrial demands on accuracy. To reach these demands, these transmitters use quality components and precision calibration equipment reduce linearity and calibration errors and can offer high long-term stability through internal “self calibration,” by means of continuous adjustment of important parameters after comparison with accurate built-in references, contributes to a stability of ±0.1% per year.

The Windows™-based and user-friendly software, IPRO 4, is used for transmitter configuration, documentation, monitoring and calibration purposes. The SmartSense feature continuously monitors the isolation resistance of thermocouples and three-wire connected RTDs as well as the cabling between sensor and transmitter.

The Intrinsically Safe Transmitters will react by forcing the output to a user defined level if the isolation is too low. IPAQ-H/IPAQ-HX monitor sensor break and force the output signal to a user defined level, when any sensor lead is broken or disconnected. The sensor break monitoring can be switched off. The monitoring is furnished with a pulsed excitation current. This eliminates the voltage drop in the lead wires (giving a measuring error), caused by a standard DC excitation current. IPAQ-H/IPAQ-HX can be set to automatically provide a recurring output current regardless of the input signal. The total time for the controlled output is adjustable up to 30 minutes.

The dampening function can be used to dampen undesired instabilities on the input signal. The dampening time is approximately two seconds. The dampening time, is the time required, in addition to the update time, for the output to reach 90% of its final value after a step change has been applied to the input.

IPAQ-H/IPAQ-HX Intrinsically Safe Transmitters are loop-powered and will work on voltages down to 6.5V DC (8V DC for IPAQ-HX), thus giving good margins for high loads in the current loop. Reversed polarity will not damage the transmitter.

IPAQ-H/IPAQ-HX Intrinsically Safe Transmitters are designed to fit inside connection heads type DIN B or larger. The large center hole facilitates the pulling through of the sensor leads or an insert tube, greatly simplifying the mounting procedure. IPAQ-H/IPAQ-HX Intrinsically Safe Transmitters are protected by a five-year warranty.

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