Laser Sighting Infrared Thermometer LTL-100 TherMonitor

A fast, precise non-contact thermometer with laser sighting

Model LTL-100 is an infrared thermometer featuring laser sighting for fast, accurate and simple temperature readings. This instrument is used to measure moving or inaccessible materials with surface temperatures ranging from -20 to 2000F (-29 to 1093C). Other standard features include 30 to 1 optics, peak hold control, one second response time, and adjustable emissivity control.

The LTL-100 with its cast alloy contruction and powder-coated finish is a perfect tool for any plant maintenance department.

How TherMonitor Works

All objects emit infrared (heat) radiation as a well-defined function of their temperature. The TherMonitor collects and focuses this radiation onto an infrared detector, which converts it to an electrical signal. That signal is then amplified, linearized and displayed on a digital meter in degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade.

Temperature range: -20 to 2000F, (-29 to 1093C)
Laser sighting
Analog output: 0.1 mV per degree
F or C selectable
Peak-hold control
Adjustable emissivity
8-14 micron spectral filter eliminates effect of ambient light, water vapor, and carbon dioxide absorption
One second response for rapid scanning
rugged cast alloy case

Laser Sighting

The LTL-100 is equipped with a semiconductor laser for instant identification of the target. The Laser Sighting diode is internally mounted within the LTL-100's optics. This design allows you to identify the center of the thermal sampling cone, giving you the most accurate reading.

Typical Applications and TherMonitor Uses

The LTL-100 TherMonitor measures temperature without contact. Its ability to measure moving materials, fragile surfaces, or inaccessible objects from a distance makes this a valuable tool for any maintenance or manufacturing department.

Strip annealing
Extrusion presses
Rolling mills
Induction heating
Resistance heating
Heat treating
Tank refractories
Glass body temperatures
Mold temperatures
Bottle machines
Float glass
Kiln shell
Refractory insulation
Permanent press
Heat setting
Dye setting
Foam lamination
Carpet backing
Vacuum forming
Injection molding
Dryer drums
Ink Drying
Chemical and Petroleum
Furnace tube temperatures
Pipe and vessel corrosion
Food and Confectionery
Rotary cooker temperatures
Continous infrared ovens
Continous baking ovens
Asphalt Paving
Road stone dryer (Temperature at exit chute)
Paving mix
Hot rubber sheets being cooled and rolled


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