Infrared Thermocouples Linear MX-Series

For Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement

Linear Laboratories MX-Series Infrared Thermocouples rapidly and accurately measure the temperature of moving, inaccessible, fragile or unsafe targets without contamination to your product. The MX-Series, which includes a sensing head, signal processor module and detachable cable, readily adapts to process machinery. Aim the sensing head at your target and mount the signal processor module directly to your panel, NEMA box or in a card cage. Because the rugged NEMA-4 enclosed sensing head is

small, compact and thermo-resistant up to 185F (85C), you are able to install our unit into tighter spaces. The MX-Series high resolution optics give you accurate readings as precise as 1%, every 300ms. These microprocessor based modules offer a wide assortment of optics and temperature ranges, along with adjustable emissivity, and six outputs: Type J thermocouple, Type K thermocouple, 1mV/degree, 4-20 mA, 0-2- mA and 0-5 VDC. Each unit is available with N.I.S.T. calibration certification.

For accurate temperature readings without contact at low cost, you can't beat the MX-Series from Linear Laboratories.

Linear Laboratories has a full compliment of accessories to simplify your most complex installations.


With our card cage, you are able to rack mount multiple MX Signal Processor Modules.


For harsh industrial applications, we offer an air purge collar and a water/air cooling jacket along with a variety of other mounting hardware.


The NEMA-4 or NEMA-12 enclosures offered increased protection and additional isolation from RFI, EMI and most environmental elements.

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