Non-Contact Infrared Sensors Linear TM-Series

TherMonitor™ With Built-In Linearizer

Linear Laboraties line of Non-Contact Infrared Sensors are designed to provide accurate, continous temperature measurement in a wide variety of manufacturing settings. The TM-Series infrared thermometers work by collecting the infrared radiation (heat) from a remote object and  focusing it on a detector. The infrared detector converts the signal to produce a 4-20 mA linearized output which is transmitted to controllers, indicators or computers

used to control product temperature. Control of product temperature can improve quality, conserve energy, reduce scrap and increase production rates. Using Non-Contact Infrared Sensors to measure temperature has several inherent advantages.
Moving objects are measured easily and accurately.
Dangerous or hazardous materials are measured safely, with no contact.
Accuracy is assured because no heat is removed from the object being measured.
Measurements are made rapidly so that thermal patterns and transient phenomena can be observed even on the fasted moving process lines.


4-20 mA Linear Output
Two-Wire Current Transmitter
Temperature Ranges: 0-1500C (0-2700F)
Drift-Free, Long-Term Accuracy
No Warm-Up Required
Rugged Compact Housing-Sealed Construction
Reflex Sight and Adjustable Focus Available
No Moving Parts
Emittance Digitally Set and Indicated
Non-Linearized Versions Available

TM-Series Unique Design

The TM-Series Non-Contact Infrared Sensors are housed in small sealed units to provide years of accurate, reliable, trouble-free operation.

Stability is assured through the use of state-of-the-art amplifiers and infrared detectors. Since there are no moving parts to wear or degrade, TM-Series Non-Contact Infrared Sensors last indefinately. Long-term accuracy is achieved with a solid-state auto-zeroed amplifier and a unique thermal design which eliminates drift due to changes in ambient temperature.. Repeatability of a measurement is assured by the digitally set emittance.

Each TM-Series Non-Contact Infrared Sensors model operates in a specific atmospheric "window" so the readings are independent of distance and not influenced by the presence of water vapor and carbon dioxed in the measurement path. For example, the TM-1000L employs an 8-14 micron spectral filter to minimize interference from short-wavelength radiant heat sources such as quartz lamps. This long-wavelength response also eliminates the effect of target color.


TM-Series thermometers are ideally suited for moving, inaccessible or fragile targets. Typical applications include paper processing and printing, textile manufacturing and finishing, rubber and plastic processing and virtually any process where product temperature is a critical factor.

For small or distant hot targets, the TM-Series offers models with an integral non-parallax sight. These instruments can be focussed on targets from 18 inches (45 cm) to infinity simply by rotating the lens barrel. For very small targets at short distances, special optics can be provided. When very bright targets are viewed, the eyepiece can be rotated to darken the visual image for eye comfort.


Wiring is easy since the current transmitter design requires only two wires between the TM unit and the device it drives. The wires can be pulled through a conduit easily and attached to the TM unit barrier strip. No special connectors are required. Since the TM is a current transmitter, it can be mounted any distance from its associated indicator, controller, data logger, or computer interface. Integral RFI noise protection circuits help to ensure that a reliable signal will be transmitted without additional electrical filtering.

Because the TM-Series Non-Contact Infrared Sensors are non-contact, they can be mounted at a convenient distance from the product to be measured. As long as the product size is as large as the area viewed by the thermometer, measurements are not dependent on the distance to the product. The TM-Series optics, sensors and circuitry are sealed in a rugged aluminum housing completely protected from dust, dirt and moisture. Because there are no motors, choppers or other moving parts, these units can be installed in harsh thermal or mechanical environments. TM thermometers will operate in ambient temperatures from 10C to 55C (50F to 131F) without cooling. A water cooling jacket is available for environmental temperatures from 10C to 180C (50F to 350F).


The TM-Series thermometers are designed to operate with a variety of indicators and power supplies. Options include:

PM-100 - LED indicator with integral 24 volt DC loop supply
PM-200 - LED indicator with HIGH/LOW setpoints and integral 24 volt loop supply
PM-300 - Digital Panel Meter - 4 Digit includes loop power supply and analog output
PM-400 - Digital Panel Meter - 4 Digit includes power supply, analog output and high/low relay setpoints
PS-100 - 24VDC regulated power supply for user supplied indicators/controllers or recorders
PH-100 -  Peak Hold, Valley Hold assembly with integral 24 volt power supply


Installation Accessories

Mechanical accessories for the TM-Series instruments include brackets, air purge fittings for use in dusty environments, and a water-cooled housing for environmental temperatures up to 350F (180C):


WC-1000 Water Cooled Housing. The WC-1000 is a welded aluminum housing for all TM-Series heads for use in ambient temperatures from 130F to 350F (55C to 180C). The enclosure is complete with NPT fittings and two -20 mounting holes.

Dimensions: 3.45" x 3.7" x 5.6" Long 88mm x 94mm x 142mm

Mounting: Two -20 and Two M10 x 1.5 Thread

Water Connections: 1/4 NPT

AP-1000 Air Purge Fitting. The AP-1000 is used with all TM-Series sensing heads where dusty environments are encountered. Low pressure instrument air can be directed across the instrument lens to prevent accumulation of dust.

Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.75" x 2.5" Long 64mm x 70mm x 64mm

Mounting: Four 1/4" dia. holes matching TM heads

Airpurge Connection: 1/8 NPT

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