Fuji PYL Series, Limit Controller

Fuji PYL Series Limit Controller

The Fuji Electric PYL Limit Controller is designed to accept input from virtually any process control system.

The Fuji Electric PYL 1/16 DIN controller is an FM-approved instrument that can be configured either as a high limit or a low limit controller by a user. The PYL features universal input for thermocouple, RTD and DC mV & V signals. In addition, the Fuji PYL limit controller has a timer to count the duration time the setpoint is exceeded as well as a register to retain the maximum temperature reached. One relay contact output is standard to the Fuji PYL, having a contact capacity of 3A at 240V AC or 3A at 30V DC (with resistance load).

Optional features that are available for the PYL 1/16 DIN controller include two-alarm relay outputs, retransmission output, RS485 communication function, and digital input.

Fuji's PYL Limit Controller meets the Factory Mutual Research Corporation's stringent approval criteria for "temperature limit and supervisory switches". The criteria for approval includes performance requirements, marking requirements, examination of manufacturing facilities, audit of quality assurance procedures, and a follow-up program.

  • Space-Saving 1/16 DIN
  • Sharp and Large 4-digit LED Display
  • NEMA 4 Splash-Proof and Dust-Proof Front Panel
  • Universal Input
  • High or Low Limit Control
  • Retransmission Output (Opt)
  • Two-Alarm Relay Outputs (Opt)
  • RS485 Communications (Opt)
  • Digital Input (opt)

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