Fuji Electric, PYX Series, Process Controllers

Fuji Electric PYX Series Process Controllers

Fuzzy Logic Controllers with Universal Input

Here’s a process controller that uses past experience to make decisions that eliminate costly problems like overshoot. The Fuji Electric PYX Series uses a type of artificial intelligence called "fuzzy logic" to learn your system’s particular characteristics, and works with that knowledge to obtain the proper results.

During autotune (a procedure which automatically fine-tunes your controller) and during normal operation, the Fuji Electric PYX Series is studying your system’s responses to changing conditions. It remembers how the system responded at start-up and to disturbances (such as opening an oven door). Once it gets to know your process, the Fuji Electric PYX Series controller actually anticipates the extent of the fluctuation and takes corrective action before a minor deviation becomes a major problem. That means an end to troublesome overshoot — even the minor overshoot associated with PID control. It also means a virtual lock on the target setpoint once it’s been reached, without wandering.

Note: The 1/4 DIN PYX9 has been discontinued and replaced with Fuji's PXG Series. If your input type is known the PXR Series is also a good replacement for the PYX9.

The Fuji Electric PYX Series also boasts a host of other indispensable features. Users can input an eight-segment program that leads a process smoothly through a predetermined series of thermal steps.

And when it comes to communicating with a computer, the PYX is unsurpassed. Along with the RS-485 communications option, we provide free software that lets you monitor up to 31 controllers at the same time. As with our simple front panel keypad menu, the software can be installed and run easily even by first-time users.

FREE PYX-LITE Data Logging Software
Windows™-based PYX-LITE supports Windows DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) and provides data logging output in an easy-to-use comma-delimited format. It supports up to 31 PYX controllers from a single workstation and is capable of displaying all 31 controllers simultaneously. PYX-LITE offers both Supervisory Mode for viewing the entire network at a glance and Single Station Master Mode for viewing all parameters for one controller on a single screen. It allows personnel to set-up, monitor, and control the entire PYX network from a single workstation on only two wires (RS-485 communication).

  • 1/16 DIN and 1/8 DIN
  • Fuzzy Logic Control
  • Auto/Manual Operation
  • PID Autotuning optimizes system performance
  • Universal Input: TC, RTD and current
  • RS485 Communications Option with free software monitors up to 31 controllers
  • Analog Retransmission Option: PV, setpoint or percent output as 1-5V DC
  • Remote Setpoint Option
  • Dual Setpoints Option
  • Transmitter Power Supply Option provides 24V DC for loop-powered devices
  • 8-Segment Ramp/Soak Program Option
  • Heater-Break Option detects heater burnout
  • Up to Two Outputs Available:
  • Relay, SSR driver, 4-20 mA, 0-10V
  • Up to Two Programmable Alarms
  • Three-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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