Inor Temperature Transmitter APAQ LR/LC

Multi-range 2-wre DIN rail Inor Temperature Transmitters.
  • Multi-range design with a wide range of inputs to reduce inventory costs
  • Accurate measurement
  • Genuine sensor break detection with selectable action, upscale or downscale
  • High-load capacity
  • Space-saving and simple DIN rail mounting
The APAQ-LR and APAQ-LC is an analog, 2-wire, DIN rail Temperature Transmitter with selectable ranges for Pt100 and selectable types and ranges for thermocouple input. The Inor Temperature Transmitter APAQ-LR is used for Pt100 input, and APAQ-LC for different thermocouple inputs. Designed for highest reliability and cost-efficiently manufactured, the Inor Temperature Transmitter APAQ-LR combines attractive pricing with high quality and excellent industrial performance.

The compact housing snaps onto a 35mm DIN rail and is equipped with rugged terminals for easy and safe wire connections. The Inor Temperature Transmitter APAQ-LR is adjustable for different Pt100 ranges and has a temperature linear 4 to 20mA output. The Inor Temperature Transmitter APAQ-LR covers five different thermocouple types, is continuously adjustable, and has a voltage linear 4 to 20mA output. The selection of measuring ranges and thermocouple types is made with internal solder pads. The fine adjustment is made with potentiometers in the front. The APAQ-LR and APAQ-LC Temperature Transmitters are covered by a five-year warranty.

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