DIN Rail Temperature Tranmitter 2-Wire Inor IPAQ-2

Inor IPAQ-4L
Inor IPAQ-2/2X Series Transmitters
Intelligent switch and software configurable 2-wire DIN rail transmitters.
  • Cost-saving Intrinsically Safe installations, with a standard 13-36V DC supply and no extra cost for an I. S. power supply
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Input/output isolation of 1500V AC eliminates measuring errors due to ground loops
  • Total programming flexibility, with the IPRO software or switch programming with 55 pre-calibrated ranges
  • Simplified loop check-up
IPAQ-2 is a universal and intelligent 2-wire DIN rail transmitter for temperature and other measurement applications. Calibrated from the factory, the IPAQ-2 is ready for configuration, either by the IPRO 4 software or by means of external switches. With the switches, 55 combinations of input type and range can be chosen in seconds. IPAQ-2X is the Intrinsic Safe version. Without need for an I. S. power supply, the IPAQ-2X contributes to cost-effective Ex-applications. Both transmitters offer low linearity and calibration errors and high long-term stability. The Windows™-based and user-friendly software, IPRO 4, is used for transmitter configuration, documentation, monitoring and calibration purposes.

They accept inputs from 11 types of standardized thermocouples as well as plain mV and mA input, and for thermocouple input, the cold junction compensation is fully automatic by means of an accurate measurement of the terminal temperature.

The customized linearization can be used to create a linearization curve for RTDs, thermocouples, resistance, voltage, and current inputs. By combining Customized linearization with the use of Engineering Units, the transmitters can be programmed to give a linear output corresponding to a specific measuring range expressed in the primary process value.

The IPAQ-2/IPAQ-2X offer two ways of improving the measurement with temperature sensors: sensor error correction and system error correction. The SmartSense feature provides sensor isolation monitoring; the IPAQ-2/IPAQ-2X can also monitor sensor break and force the output signal to a user defined level, when any sensor lead is broken or disconnected.

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