Inhead Temperature Transmitter

Inhead Temperature Transmitter

Inor IPAQ-HPlus/HXPlus Series Inhead Temperature Transmitter
High-performance, intelligent 2-wire in-head transmitters.
  • Standard inputs for RTDs acc. to DIN and JUS, 11 thermo-couples, mV and resistance
  • True on-line configuration
  • Customized 40 point linearization
  • SmartSense, unique monitoring of isolation resistance
  • Input/output isolation of 3750V AC
  • Simplified mounting
IPAQ-HPLUS is a high-performance, universal and intelligent two-wire in-head transmitter for temperature and other measurement applications. IPAQ-HXPLUS is the Intrinsic Safe version for use in Ex-applications. The outstanding combination of excellent specifications, high functionality, and simple configuration makes IPAQ-HPLUS and IPAQ-HXPLUS the obvious choice in demanding applications. The Windows™- based and user-friendly software, IPRO 4, is used for transmitter configuration, documentation, monitoring and calibration purposes.

These transmitters are designed for applications with the highest demands on accuracy, under severe operating conditions. To reach these demands, the IPAQ HPLUS and HXPLUS series offer low linearity and calibration errors, low ambient temperature influence, and high long-term stability. The accurate and versatile 40-point customized linearization can be used to create any type of linearization curve for RTDs, thermocouples, resistance and mV inputs. By combining customized linearization with the use of Engineering Units, the transmitters can be programmed to give a linear output corresponding to a specific measuring range expressed in the primary process value.

The IPAQ-HPLUS/IPAQ-HXPLUS Transmitters also have the SmartSense feature, which continuously monitors the isolation resistance of thermocouples and three-wire connected RTDs, as well as the cabling between sensor and transmitter. Additionally, they are loop-powered and will work on voltages down to 6.5V DC (8V DC for IPAQ-HXPLUS), thus allowing for high loads in the current loop. These transmitters can also be configured without connecting a power supply.

The IPAQ-HPLUS and IPAQ-HXPLUS Series are covered by a five-year warranty.

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