Intrinsically Safe Temperature Transmitter

Inor IPAQ L+
High-performance intelligent 2-wire DIN rail
intrinsically safe temperature transmitters.
  • Precision accuracy, with long-term stability and low temperature influence
  • Fast response
  • Enhanced total system accuracy
  • High load capacity
  • Designed for harsh conditions
  • Space-saving and simple DIN rail mounting
  • On-screen indicatons and line recording
  • Input for thermocouples, RTDs, mV, and resistance
The IPAQ-LPLUS intrinsically safe temperature transmitter is a high-performance, universal and intelligent 2-wire DIN rail transmitter for temperature and other measurement applications; the IPAQ-LXPLUS intrinsically safe temperature transmitters are the Intrinsic Safe version for use in Ex-applications.

The outstanding combination of excellent specifications high functionality and simple configuration makes IPAQ-LPLUS and IPAQ-LXPLUS intrinsically safe temperature transmitter the obvious choice in demanding applications. They offer low linearity and calibration errors, with the combination of a high-efficient 40-point linearization and the use of quality components and precision calibration equipment, low ambient temperature influence, and high long-term stability.

The Windows™-based and user-friendly software, IPRO 4, is used for transmitter configuration, documentation, monitoring, and calibration purposes. The IPAQ-LPLUS/IPAQ-LXPLUS also offer two ways of improving the measurement with temperature sensors: sensor error correction (comparing the known sensor errors to the standard curve) and system error correction (by exposing the sensor to one or two accurately-measured temperatures).

The SmartSense feature continuously monitors the isolation resistance of thermocouples and three-wire connected RTDs,as well as the cabling between sensor and transmitter.

The Smart Filter detects the difference between fast signal changes and electrical noise, e.g. ripple and spikes, on the input. The smart filter offers a superior combination of very short response time for the input signal and high noise immunity.

The dampening function can be used to dampen undesired instabilities on the input signal. The dampening time can be set between 0 and 10 seconds in intervals of one second. The dampening time is the time required, in addition to the update time, for the output to reach 90% of its final value after a step change has been applied to the input.

The IPAQ-LPLUS/IPAQ-LXPLUS intrinsically safe temperature transmitter are loop-powered and will work on voltages down to 7.5V DC (8.0V DC for IPAQ-LXPLUS), thus allowing for high loads in the current loop. These intrinsically safe temperature transmitters are backed by a five-year warranty.

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