Inor IPRO Transmitter Software

Inor IPRO Software
User-friendly Transmitter Software for IPAQ Transmitters.
  • Configurations saved as files and transferrable to any IPAQ transmitter
  • Monitor input and output signals with real-time on-screen presentations
  • Menu-driven program is easy to learn and use with on-line help
  • Comes with isolated communication cable with connector for RS-232 port
IPRO 4, which is used with all IPAQ transmitters, is the tool to utilize all the versatile functions of the IPAQ-HPLUS and IPAQ-HXPLUS transmitters. The Transmitter Software lets you prepare configurations, save them as files, and transfer them to any IPAQ transmitter. Configuration files can be saved for future use, and configuration protocols can easily be printed. Besides measurement configuring, IPRO 4 can also be used to monitor the sensor status, and the input and output signals with real time on-screen presentations.

The program is menu-driven and very easy to learn and use. IPRO 4 offers on-screen real time presentation of measured values and output signal in the form of numericals, meters and bar graphs. A line recorder function is a useful feature for start-up and fault tracing procedures.

The updating time is user selectable. It also allows for field calibration in one or two points and basic calibration. For this function, the transmitter is subjected to a calibration source (e.g. a process calibrator), the transmitter outputs are entered and IPRO 4 will automatically correct the transmitter.

After choosing the transmitter type to be configured, the first step is normally to set the input type and the measuring range. With IPRO 4, approximately 20 different input types are available including RTDs, resistances, thermocouples, voltage, and current ( for certain IPAQ transmitters). Also related to the input are features like Sensor Error Correction, Dampening, Sensor Break Monitoring and Sensor Isolation Monitoring.

The dampening function can be used to effectively dampen undesired instabilities on the input signal. For the IPAQPLUS transmitters, the dampening time can be set to values between 0 and 10 seconds in intervals of one second. For the other IPAQ transmitters, an approximately two seconds dampening time can be activated. IPRO 4 will work with all products of the IPAQ family.

An isolated and Ex-approved communication cable is included in the Transmitter Software kit, IPRO-X. IPRO 4 is compatible with Windows™ 3.1, Windows™ 3.11, Windows™ 95 and Windows™ NT Workstation 4.0.

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