High Performance Programmable Controller Shinko 1/4 DIN
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High Performance Programmable Controller 1/4 DIN Shinko PC-900 Series


Shinko 1/4 DIN High Performance Programmable Controller PC-900 Series features a maximum of 10 patterns with 10 segments per pattern which can be stored in memory. Each pattern can be linked together so that it is possible to have a program with a maximum of 100 segments.

The 1/4 DIN High Performance Programmable Controller PC-900 Series offers full multi-input capabilities, 10 thermocouple types, 2 RTD types, 2 DC current inputs and 1 DC voltage inputs. Output types can be either DC current, relay or SSR driver. Standard supply voltatge is 110 VAC, with 24 volt AC/DC also available. MODBUS Protocol is available if the communication option is psecified. All units off UL, ULc, and CE certification and feature a full 3 year warranty.

Standard Features:

Unit available in standard DIN size (1/4 DIN) IP-54 protective construction.

Programming Features
Unit features large program storage capacity of 100 segments in 10 patterns.

• Programmable Alarms
Units features as standard 3 Alarm outputs with optional 1 Alarm.

• True Multi-Input
Unit features true multi-input capabilities:10 thermocouple types,
2 RTD type, 2 current inputs, and 1 voltage input.

• Control Action
Unit features as standard full function third generation PID Autotune or ON/OFF servo output PID.

Heat/Cool Control Action (option)
There are 3 types of control output: Relay control output (DR), Non-Contact Voltage output (DS), DC Current output (DA).

UL, cUL and CE Safety Approvals.

All units manufactured to strict ISO standards and offer full 3 year manufacturers warranty.

All 1/4 DIN High Performance Programmable Controllers feature a full 3 year warranty and lifetime technical support!

Download: PC-900 Series Brochure
Download: Instruction Manual

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