Single Phase Power Controller, Shinko FPT Series

Single Phase Power Controller - Shinko FPT Series

Single Phase Power Controller - Shinko FPT Series

Single phase power controller FPT series from Shinko is low cost. It answers to highly precise control needs by phase control like a SSR.

Standard Features:

  • Slimming called a width of 22mm was realized in 20A article, 45mm was realized in 40A article
  • Easily attach to DIN rail
  • Terminal protective cover
  • UL Standard

Maximum Load Current:

AC5A, 10A, 20A, 40A

Control System:
Phase control

Applicable Load:
Linear (R) load

Input Signals:
4-20mA DC

Input Impedance:
540 ohm (with 20-mA input) *Built-in constant voltage circuit: 5V

Load Voltage:
AC100 - 220V

Permissible Voltage Fluctuation:
Within +/- 10% of the rated load voltage

Leak Current:
5 mA or less (at 200 VAC)

Insulation System:
Photo-triac or photo-coupler

Insulation Resistance:
Over 100 Mohm (500-VDC megger)

Insulation Withstand Voltage:
1500 VAC for one minute

Permissible Ambient Temperature Range:
0ºC to 40ºC
(If the ambient temperature exceeds 40ºC, see the load current charateristic diagram.)

Permissible Ambient Humidity Range:
45% to 85% RH

Environmental Conditions:
No exposure to corrosive/inflammable gases, dust or vibration

Cooling System:
Self cooling by radiator fins

DIN rail mounted or wall mounted

All Single Phase Controllers features
a full 3 year warranty and lifetime technical support!

Download: FPT Series Brochure

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