Strip Chart Recorder Shinko 100mm HR-700 Series

Strip Chart Recorder Shinko 100mm HR-700 Series

Standard Features:

True Hybrid Design
Units offer fully programmable features including: input types, chart speed, data recording session and intervals, scaling, alarm points, etc.

True Multi-Input
Units feature true multi-input capabilities: 13 thermocouple types, 1 RTD type, 1 current inputs, and 7 voltage inputs.

Computer Communications
All units feature standard RS-232C communication interface.

Large/Full Function LED Display
All units feature full function digital display of channel number, PV value, and recording and alarm status, etc. Bright red 18mm display.

1, 2, And 6 Point Versions Available
Units are available in either 1 or 2 channel, or 6 point recording versions.

Designed For Harsh Environments
Units rated to IP65, and constructed of flame resistant resin.

Compact Design
Unit measures only 150mm in depth and weighs less than 1.5kg.

Safety Approvals
UL, CSA and CE Safety Approvals.

All units manufactured to strict ISO standards and offer full 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Low Cost
Most advanced price/performance package available.

Download: HR-700 Brochure
Download: HR-700 (pen type) Manual
Download: HR-700 (dot type) Manual
Display and Operation Keys
1: Channel Number Indicator
Orange LED indicates Channel number 1 to 6.

2: Alarm Indicator
Red LED indicates the type of the alarm, [H] is lit when the alarm is High, and [L] is lit when the alarm is Low. Neither of them is lit when there is no alarm.

3: Data Indicator
Indicates the process variable, time, setting value and setting item by orange indicator.

4: Status Indicators
The [REC] (orange) is lit when recording.
The [ALM] (red) is lit when the alarm is being activated.

5: Operation Keys
Use these keys for setting and other operations.

All units feature a full 2 year warranty
and lifetime technical support!

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