Temperature Control Unit, Shinko NCL - 13A

Temperature Control Unit Shinko NCL - 13A

Standard Features:
  • Small and Space Saving
    Width: 17.5mm, Height: 75mm, Depth: 85mm (excluding the plug)
    Its compactness ensures easy mounting when only limited space permits.

  • Standard 4 Alarm Points
    Four points of alarms are standard features. However, for Alarm 2, Alarm 3 and Alarm 4, the output and Energized/Deenergized functions are not available.

  • Multi-Input
    18 type inputs such as thermocouple (10 types), RTD (2 types), DC current (2 types), DC voltage (4 types) are available. Fast 0.25 second input sampling period allows applications for various processes.

  • Easy Mounting, Removal and Maintenance
    Hook the NCL - 13A into the DIN rail, then fit the unit to the DIN rail. Since the unit is fixed tightly to the DIN rail, it is resistant to vibration, whereby ensuring ease of maintenance.

  • Multi-Drop Communication
    Various operations and settings can be carried out from PC's and programmable interfaces the communication function (up to 31 units of the NCL - 33A can be connected.). For communication protocol, Shinko protocol and Modbus protocol are available. (For Modbus protocol, RTU mode and ASCII mode can be selected by the DIP switch.). Connection to the open network Modbus is possible.

  • Wiring Is Not Necessary
    Using a screw type plug, the power and communication lines can be connected. Bus plugs enable multiple connection of the NCL - 13A units. The spring type plug for input and output can also be connected or removed.

  • Safety Stnadard
    UL/CSA, CE marking: Approval pending.
The NCL - 13A Temperature Control Unit features
a full 3 year warranty and lifetime technical support!

Download: NCL Series Brochure
Download: NCL Series Instruction Manual


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