Portable Pressure Calibrator PC6 Pro

Portable pressure calibrators range up to 10,000 psi

The SI Pressure PC6 Series of pressure calibrators utilizes the latest developments in pressure instrumentation to offer a versatile calibration instrument in a highly portable package. The PC6 calibrator head can be supplied by itself or as a complete kit with pneumatic or hydraulic pump, NPT fittings, pressure hose, and carrying case.

The compact size of the PC6 does not compromise functionality. It can not only apply accurate pressure to a sensor but can also read the current or mV produced by the transducer. The PC6 pressure calibrator can even supply an excitation voltage to power sensors or transmitters during calibration.

The PC6 can simultaneously display pressure versus voltage, current, date and time, percentage of pressure, pressure switch status, temperature, and maximum or minimum values. Data can be logged and stored with time and date stamping for future reference. Windows™-based SICAL software can be linked to the PC6 pressure calibrator for remote operation and data transfer.

PC6 Pressure Calibrator - Source Voltage and Current
The PC6 provides 0.025% pressure measurement accurate over a complete range of –1 to 1000bar/15,000 psi. The PC6's modular design permits a more customized adaptation of the calibrator allowing minimal functions. If a non-complex instrument is used, a simple pressure indicator or full-featured calibration system can be measured for various pressure ranges using external pressure modules (EPMs).

PC6-PRO-B - Bench/Panel-mount version
The PC6-PRO-B is a bench or panel-mount version of our popular PC6-PRO calibrator. This product has been retired and we recommend the GE Druck DPI 150 as the recommended replacement.

PC6 EPM - Provides Additional Pressure Ranges Without Extra Calibrators
The PC6 External Pressure Module works with the PC6 pressure calibrator as an intelligent module that contains a pressure transducer, temperature sensor, analog to digital converter, and the necessary calibration data stored during EPM calibration.

The EPM is used to provide high accuracy (0.025% FS) over a variety of pressure ranges without incurring the full cost of multiple calibrators. The PC6 EPM comes in five standard ranges: 30, 150, 300, 5,000 and 10,000 psi. (Alternative pressure ranges available as special orders.) All models provide overload pressure of 10% (FS); the accuracy is 0.025% (FS) and resolutions better than 0.01% (FS). The calibration pressure media includes water, oil, and non-corrosive gases as standard (contact TTI for other media).

The PC6 EPM's pressure connection is 1/4" NPT Male. All units are provided with a 3 foot cable.

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