Portable Pressure Meter Tek Know PM305

The self-contained and portable Tek Know PM305 pressure calibrator and pressure meter is appropriate for commissioning, service, and maintenance. The Tek Know PM305 is lightweight and ergonomically designed for field applications. Pressure calibrators from the Tek Know PM305 Series are supplied with an integral pressure sensor, signal conditioning electronics, a graphic display, and an internal battery. The Tek Know PM305 pressure calibrator can be supplied in ranges up to 1200 bar with an internal or external sensor.

PreCal Windows®-based software is available as an option to the Tek Know PM305 pressure calibrator, enabling automatic calibration. This software generates test reports which will comply with ISO 9000 requirements.

The Tek Know PM305 Pressure Calibrator has been calibrated to precision pressure equipment traceable to national standards.

Tek Know branded temperature and pressure instruments are made by Scan Sense, a Norwegian manufacturer of Industrial and Marine/Offshore sensing and calibration equipment. Established in 1986, Scan Sense focuses on three primary product areas: Load Measurement, Pressure Measurement, and Calibration Instruments. Scan Sense designs and builds all of its products in modern production facilities with strict quality assurance and control.

  • Range -0.8 to 1200 Bar
  • Input for External Sensor
  • Accurate to ±0.03% FS
  • mA, V and Switch Test Input
  • History Log
  • Programmable Engineering Units
  • RS232 Interface
  • EEx/IS Approved for Hazardous Areas
  • Portable and Light Weight
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