Temperature Calibration Software Tek Know SC200

Tek Know SC200 SC200 and Pre-Cal Temperature Calibration Software:
Report Generating and Calibration Automation Software.
  • Use the SC200 software for fully automatic temperature calibration and the Pre Cal software for fully automatic pressure calibration
  • Produces an ISO compliant calibration report showing true value and deviation, both in percentages and absolute values
  • Takes readings from almost any sensor or system
  • Can run from an external reference probe
  • Windows™-based platform stores data as a Microsoft Word® document
  • Identifies which calibrator is connected to it
  • Contains a database for filing all calibration reports
Most Tek Know products come standard with an RS-232 communications interface. These Temperature Calibration Software packages are calibration tools which allow for fully-automatic calibration. The SC200 Temperature Calibration and Pre Cal Pressure Calibration Software packages run on a Windows™-based platform and can store data as a Microsoft Word document.

This Temperature Calibration Software is most useful in creating and maintaining the extensive documentation required by ISO 9000. It contains databases for storing calibration programs, last calibration date, and company information, as well as true value and durations, both in percentages and absolute values.

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