Digital Timers Autonics LE3S

Autonics LE3S Digital Timer
Highly reliable and versatile Digital Timers
with a wide range and multiple field-selectable operation modes.
  • Highly reliable with excellent repeat accuracy
  • Panel or DIN rail mounting
  • Ten field-selectable operation modes
  • Operations include On delay, Interval delay, Flicker, Off delay, On/off delay, One shot, and Integration
  • Field selectable UP or DOWN timer mode
  • Selectable time ranges from 0.01 seconds to 9990 hours
  • Universal AC/DC supply voltage 100-240V AC and 24-240V DC
  • Selectable no-voltage start, reset, and inhibit inputs
  • Contact or solid-state signal inputs
  • Time limited SPDT contact output
  • Easy-to-read, 3-digit LCD display with 8mm-high characters
  • Compact 1/16 DIN size
  • UL, C-UL recognized; CE, TUV, VDE approved
The LE3S Digital Timers are a highly reliable digital set timer with a wide range—from 0.01 seconds to 9990 hours. It is designed with ten field-selectable operation modes—including on delay, interval delay, flicker, off delay, and integration—as well as selectable up/down timer modes. It has selectable no-voltage start, reset, and inhibit; and excellent repeat accuracy. Additionally, the LE3S Digital Timers unique power supply can handle either 100-240V AC or 24-240V DC in the same unit, without changing any wiring or jumpers.

These Digital Timers are compact 1/16 DIN plug-in units and feature thumbwheel switches and an easy-to-read LCD display. Time remaining is shown on an LCD bar graph; it also has an LCD output status indicator. The LE3S Digital Timers accepts contact or solid-state signal inputs and comes with a time-limit SPDT control output. With its versatility—as well as its compact size and easy-to-read display—the LE3S matches most applications.

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